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As proud Missourians, Independence Plumbers relishes in the fact that we get to provide such an important service to the community. For years, we’ve helped restore balance and harmony to the homes of our neighbors and the city at large. Despite the optics that often surround plumbing work, we know our value and take pride in our work. That is why the team at Independence approaches each job with care and precision. We never tire of seeing the looks on the faces of our clients after we’ve dug them out of a major plumbing error. Our continuous passion for what we do is borne out of the fact that we genuinely love helping people.

With plenty of plumbing contractors Kansas City can choose from, we never lose sight of what it means to lead with impeccable customer service. In an industry like ours, you hardly ever get second chances. That fact is why we take our work so seriously. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time around. Your time and money are precious, and we’re committed to wasting neither. Accidents rarely happen, but when they do experience has taught us to bypass excuses and remedy the issue at all costs. We lead with integrity and call on accountability when a scenario necessitates it.

As a local favorite, we’re always finding ways to engage with the community. We are deeply ingratiated into the fabric of Independence and Kansas City at large. We feel fortunate to be paired with some of the best contractors in adjacent industries and have working relationships that date back years. More than anything else, we prioritize people over profit. We will forever commit ourselves to collaborating with our clients to find solutions and pricing all can feel good about. As the top plumber Kansas City MO operation, we are forever indebted to those who put us and keep us in business.